“You already know that there is a lot at stake when buying real estate.  Your investment should provide a safe, healthy environment for you and your family.  Now is the time to gain the most valuable information about your purchase before you buy.  Sound advice about the condition of your home and its indoor environment is precisely what we provide at Premium Home Inspections.” Donovan Illig - Licensed Professional Home Inspector | CPBC License # 71217

When you hire Premium Home Inspections to inspect your home, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to reduce the risk of unexpected and costly surprises.  The knowledge you gain from a Premium Home Inspection can help prevent you from buying a "money pit" and give you critical knowledge about the indoor environmental health of your home.

At Premium Home Inspections, we are here to protect what matters to you - family, health, and investment.


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Tate Zorn

2 months ago

Donovan was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was available on short notice and was on time. He explained the issues throughout the inspection and what to do to correct them as well as on the report. I Received the report the next day. Everything on the report was easy to read and pictures had arrows pointing to the issues that need correcting. He was thorough and the inspection wasn’t rushed. I would highly recommend Donovan for your home inspection.

Laura Liedke

10 months ago

Donovan was very detail orientated and thorough. The report was easy to read and the areas that required our attention were very clearly outlined. The photos were extremely helpful in locating the issues we were looking at. Thanks Donovan!!

John Carrier

10 months ago

Donovan was gracious enough to come in and do an inspection on very short notice. He was a great source of information as he went about his very thorough inspection. He sent us a very detailed report on every aspect of the inspection. I was completely satisfied with the job and will recommend him to everyone.

Reggie Rocheleau

10 months ago

Quick service, and prompt delivery of a detailed report, complete with photos and very detailed descriptions. The summaries were really handy for pointing things out to the realtor. Will be using again in the future.

carol webb

10 months ago

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND, "Premium Home Inspectios, Donovan was great to work with, he is very thorough & knowledgeable & was able to see us on short notice, he took lots of pictures & his report is very detailed & easy to understand, he put our report together quickly & we received it the same evening. Thanks Donovan, well be calling you Again, 1 more kid buying a house out here in Mackenzie! :) Thanks Again!!