“You already know that there is a lot at stake when buying real estate.  Your investment should provide a safe, healthy environment for you and your family.  Now is the time to gain the most valuable information about your purchase before you buy.  Sound advice about the condition of your home and its indoor environment is precisely what we provide at Premium Home Inspections.” Donovan Illig - Licensed Professional Home Inspector | CPBC License # 71217

When you hire Premium Home Inspections to inspect your home, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to reduce the risk of unexpected and costly surprises.  The knowledge you gain from a Premium Home Inspection can help prevent you from buying a "money pit" and give you critical knowledge about the indoor environmental health of your home.

At Premium Home Inspections, we are here to protect what matters to you - family, health, and investment.


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Customer Reviews on Google

Ashley Stevens

10 months ago

100% recommend. As a first time home buyer, and during COVIDs worst months, I was so happy we ended up looking into Donovan. He made the whole process very easy to navigate. He was also very professional and displayed no issues with my noviceness! Thanks for making my first home inspection so easy! 100% recommend. My parents are using him as well for their purchase this month 👌👌

Riza Santiago

10 months ago

Donovan was very thorough doing his inspection. He reported some major things that needed corrections including some serious issues that would be expensive but dangerous if not fixed. His report was very clear, easy to understand and backed up with pictures. I would highly recommend his services. Thank you Premium Home Inspections!

Christina Hegel

7 months ago

Wonderful service was provided by Donovan, he was very thorough and got us in really quickly for the inspection. Definitely recommend using him for your inspections!!

Adele Hermiston

3 years ago

We booked a house inspection with Donovan and when the bank approval didn’t come through as quickly as we expected we asked to cancel the house inspection and Donovan did that with no problem and at no charge to us. 24 hours later our approval came through and Donovan was willing to quickly do the house inspection for us. He was very thorough and gave my husband lots of time with all of his questions. Excellent service

Ben Koops

3 years ago

Donovan took my call late in the evening. I told him I was a first time home buyer and I needed an inspection. Providing my information, we set up a time and date. It was that simple! After meeting Donovan and going through our inspection in person, we immediately knew we chose the right guy. Professional and Thorough come to mind after receiving our official report. Thank you for the quality service you have provided us!