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The Thermal Imaging Survey consists of using infrared imaging to help locate concealed, active moisture in the interstitial spaces of the house without destructive testing.  This is necessary because water damage inside of walls, floors and ceilings as a result of humidity or leakage issues can remain completely concealed even up to the point of becoming a severe structural (and therefore safety) issue; and then there is the issue of causing mold growth and the health hazards associated.

Thermal Imaging Survey provides the client with a full report of both thermal and visible light images of all pertinent areas of the house where water damage is most likely to occur (exterior walls, and areas below bathrooms, windows and exterior doors) whether or not moisture is present at the time of inspection.  This is in addition to clearly reporting on all anomalies detected during the full scan of all accessible interior walls, floors and ceilings.

A free Thermal Imaging scan of the house interior is included with all Home Inspections!